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About Me

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As a Mom-trepreneur, my utmost desire is to see you thrive and succeed.

Simona Ifill, the owner and founder of LLvSolution, is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with a deep commitment to her family and her work. With a wealth of experience in the administrative and customer support industry, Simona recognized the growing demand for virtual assistant services and set out to establish LLvSolution as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses in need of exceptional support.

Simona's professional journey began in the medical field, where she achieved a diploma of honors in Cardiology Technology. Driven by her innate desire to assist and support others, Simona faced the challenge of limited mobility due to starting a new family, which hindered her ability to pursue opportunities in her field. Undeterred by this obstacle, she sought an alternative path to provide for her family and found employment at a Leading Canadian IT solution provider in North America. It was during this time that Simona discovered her passion for sales and thrived in this new domain.

As Simona navigated her career in the IT industry, she seized the opportunity to explore various roles within the company. She gained valuable experience in Leasing and Finance before eventually finding her true calling in Sales Excellence and Talent Development. It became evident to Simona that her passion lay in helping others and imparting knowledge to a broader audience.

While building her expertise in Sales Excellence and Talent Development, Simona was also dedicated to nurturing her family and prioritizing her mental well-being. Recognizing the need for balance, she embarked on a new venture and established her own Virtual Assistant business. Guided by her unwavering commitment to assisting others, Simona set her sights on supporting small businesses in achieving their goals by taking charge of the mundane tasks that often burden entrepreneurs.

In her role as a virtual assistant, Simona combines her extensive experience, passion for teaching, and innate desire to help others. She aims to alleviate the administrative burdens faced by entrepreneurs and empower them to focus on strategic aspects of their business. Simona's unique journey, coupled with her determination and empathy, enables her to provide valuable assistance and make a meaningful impact on the success of her clients' ventures.

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